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I've heard that doing online college courses during the summer can look good on your college application. This is something I'm interested in, so my question is what actually qualifies to go on my application? I want to take free legitimate online courses for my own interests and application. What are the best free programs that count? And how does this work? Do I need to take a class with college credits for it to be valid?


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3 years ago

There are many different types of programs that may offer college credits. I would first check with your school counselor to see if there are any local programs. In my area, the local community college offers a select few courses to high schoolers over the summer for free. And others are available for Additionally, you could see if your school would cover a portion of the expense and you could use it as high school credit.

There are other options like the National Student Leadership Conference, however these are in person events and can be very expensive (there are some scholarships though).

You could also reach out to any particular college you are thinking about attending and asking what their summer offerings are. I know many colleges have summer classes and others programs specifically for high school students (some you have to pay for, but others are free).

Other comments mentioned online programs such as Coursera, however I have found that you have to pay for most of these courses, especially if you want them to be "credits". And I am very unsure about the actual application of these classes as college credits. But they may be fun to just learn about something new, without earning credits.

Many colleges accept transfer credits (courses taken elsewhere), however each college does this in their own way, so you would have to reach out to the specific college you are interested in for more details.

If you are unsuccessful, remember there other ways to spend your summer that can also be helpful for college admissions (job, internship, researching or exploring your passions, even helping out your family).

Good luck!

3 years ago


actually it’s not the online course itself but what you did with it.

for example: you made a course to learn how to create a website. what will really count on your application is the websites you made and the impact it had, not the course itself.

you can also learn spanish and give free classes to children or create a youtube channel giving classes!

it’s not a big deal if you have only made the course. they want to see initiative and impact.

where you can find these courses:

- edx

- coursera

- future learn

- college website

i hope this help! :)

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