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Common interview questions

What are some common questions that are asked at college interviews with alumni? Preparing for an interview.


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8 months ago[edited]

I took my Stanford Interview last week Friday and these are some of the questions I remember being asked:

1. Tell me about yourself. (I know this isn't a question but like you need to know how to answer it because interviewers tend to know literally nothing about you. My interviewer told me that he knows my name and grade but that's it.)

2. In a perfect world in the future, what would you be doing?

3. What are your hobbies? Essentially, what do you like doing outside of school and academics?

4. What is your favorite subject and why?

5. What would you say is the most challenging experience you ever had?

6. What was your most rewarding experience and why?

The rest of the questions he asked are BASED on your responses. If you talk about a book or a extracurricular, be prepared to elaborate on them or explain why you chose that book or extracurricular. The questions above are asked so that the interviewer can get material to work with to ask questions specific to you. Therefore, don't try to lie about anything because if you do, you are gonna have a difficult time lying on the spot and forming a coherent answer (not assuming you would lie by the way).

Side note, don't feel overwhelmed by the idea of an interview. You're gonna do fine.

8 months ago

Honestly, look up 'Interviews PrepScholar' and TONS of incredibly helpful articles will com up. From the most common questions to what to wear. This is one of the most helpful for your question though: https://blog.prepscholar.com/college-interview-questions-you-should-prepare-for


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