8 months ago
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Was the feedback that I gave a peer received?

I worked really hard on reviewing an essay. The essay I read was phenomenal so I worked my hardest to give feedback that was just as good. I submitted it seconds after the 1 hour expiration. When I submitted it, I received a notification that the essay was put back out for someone else to review. I also lost 10 karma and now I have negative karma. It would be a shame if the peer did not get my feedback because it was very positive, yet helpful. Can someone please address this and restore my karma? Again my submission was within seconds (literally) of the deadline.

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8 months ago

Hi @ValM,

We really appreciate how much effort you put into the essay review! It is a bummer to hear that the timer ran out on the review, and we can imagine how frustrating that must have been. We've gone ahead and refunded the karma to your account!

Thank you for sharing your story and letting us know what happened. While the 1 hour timer is in place to make sure that authors get reviews back in a reasonable amount of time, we are always looking to improve the system. We appreciate your feedback.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

8 months ago

So based on my understanding after 1 hour it’s done there’s no extension. I’m not hopeful your karma gets refunded as your essay review functionally didn’t happen but feel free to email support@collegevine.com and ask there.


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