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Activities for political-science/foreign policy majors?

Hi! I'm a current freshman who's already on the debate team and involved in some other non-policy extracurriculars and I'm looking for some activities/internships that could make me really stand out on applications as someone interested in a career in politics, specifically applications to Ivy League schools? Thank you! :)


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10 months ago

Hi! First I want to say good luck in all of your applications and future endeavors.

As for extracurriculars, it is important to participate only in what you are genuinely interested in. Your passion for these activities will shine through on your applications. Also, as a Freshman (and even as a Sophomore) decide which clubs you are most interested in and will be able to earn a leadership position in as a Junior or Senior. It is more impressive to Admissions Officers to be a leader in a few activities than to merely participate in many activities.

In relation to politics, join your school’s student council or executive board. Be aware that many of these positions are elected. Another option is to volunteer for a local candidate. Are your state’s congress people seeking re-election? Find out if they need people to poll over the phone. This is a very rewarding experience because it will provide you with experience in the field that you desire to work in one day. Admissions officers will also see that you are truly passionate about politics because you are actively involved in them.

I really hope that this helps. Have a good night!


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