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What Summer Courses should you take as a rising sophomore?

Hi! As a rising sophomore, I am keen on taking a summer course or program. I have been doing some research and this is what I have collected so far:

1) Paying thousands of dollars to colleges doesn't add value to your portfolio.

2) Getting certificates from coursera or edX isn't of much value either.

3) Do something meaningful and is possible, in something that you are interested in doing a major.

I am interested in many, including Law, FinTech, Design, Bio, Aeronautics, BioEngineering and more.

4) What you do during your summer is something that colleges look at, mostly to get an idea of what you do in your free time and also to showcase your hobbies.

Based on all that, what should you do during your summer? Are there any programs that I can join and apply to?


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3 years ago[edited]

Just take what courses interest you for now. It won't hurt. Anyways, if its different from your future major, it would just show that you have a interest beyond the focus of your major. I can't really help you find your true passion but I should let you know that your long list of interests will greatly diminish over your high school career with the clubs and classes you take. At least that was what happened to me because I thought that I was interested in teaching, math, chemistry, biology, history, coding, and a lot more but now I am focused on chemistry.

For summer courses or programs, look at your local colleges and companies since its easier to apply to them. Of course, top tier colleges like Tufts University offers summer courses and MIT offers their research program which I think is called MOSTEC and MITE but they're all slightly competitive.

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