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Will CUNY schools require SAT/ACT in 2024/2025?

I’m a junior and I have a feeling I won’t be taking any Standard tests in high school. I’ll be attending community college and hopefully graduate with an associate’s in 2024. I’ll then be applying to CUNY John Jay. Right now, they are not requiring the SAT for Fall 2021, Spring 2022 applications. But i don’t plan to attend until 2024 if accepted. Do you think they’ll still hold the TEST OPTIONAL in 2024/2025 due to COVID?

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11 months ago

I don’t believe if you have an associates degree a SAT/ACT is even needed as that’s a HS to college benchmark not community to 4 year.

11 months ago

Ok. This is a question I come across frequently on here when it comes to transfer admissions. As you go on with your college education, SAT/ ACT scores go down in importance. These tests play an important role in Freshman admissions because they are meant to highlight that you are ready for college work. But there's no point to it when you are already showing you are ready for college work by actually doing it! If your ACT/ SAT scores are already good (aka you are scoring in the 25% percentile for your school, quickly found in their Common Data Set), you don't really need to worry about it.

On top of that, we don't know if the test-optional trend will stick. It was mainly born out of necessity and as such, there will be a chance schools change the policy. But, Transfer admissions tend to have lower acceptance rates so... I recommend you submit your test. The worst it can do is just nothing.


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