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How can I develop a spike in animal activism. Please give me extracurriculars activities examples related to animal acti

How can I develop a spike in animal activism and please give me extracurricular activities ideas on animal activism and animal rights. How can I develop my narrative and market myself as an animal activist.

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"Animal activism is a pretty broad category. The list of animal rights organizations with Wikipedia pages is quite long. What have you done to date to express your passion for animal activism? Which organizations have you already worked with? What specific area within animal rights are you most passionate about?

How this fits into your application will depend on the answers to the questions above, as well as why you find this work personally meaningful, and how you intend to grow as an animal activist in the future."

I would say here are two basic animal activities and two really strong ones: 1. Volunteering at an animal shelter. 2. Organizing protests. 3. Creating a non profit dedicated to helping animals. 4. Make a huge community service project for animals that attracts thousands of people or raises thousands of dollars.

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I think the best option would be to open up a club or project yourself if there are no options available at your school. That would show leadership and how you are resourceful. Also, it can be something like fundraising or awareness etc depending on what your interested in.


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