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Does a Recommendation from a Principal hold more weight than one from a teacher?


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'How well does your principal know you? Can s/he give specific examples of your academic performance? For example, an English teacher could address a student’s writing and communication skills. “Sally Sue has developed the ability to compose a multi-part thesis and follow through in paragraphs that cite specific examples. Her vocabulary is precise.” They might also mention something like this: “Sally Sue has demonstrated her ability to read and analyze complex literature. Her recent essay on communion imagery in the novel Perfume is a sensitive analysis of Suskind’s technique and showed insights unusual for a high school student.”

A good letter may read something like this: “Fanny Fran demonstrated outstanding leadership and organizational skills in our latest blood drive. She delegated tasks such as the creation of posters and the selection of snacks (things others could do easily) and took on the more challenging aspects of the blood drive, such as organizing the donor schedule and making sure the attendance secretaries had a copy. She made sure each student checked in an out when donating, and noted the times. Our attendance secretaries said she made their jobs much easier when trying to account for students that day.”

Can your principal be that specific? The general “good kid with good grades” letter won’t cut it in competitive admissions.'

This being said, if your principal knows you very well, go for it.


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