2 years ago
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Will being number 15 seed in the National Political Science Bee (NPSB) enhance my college application?

I qualified for the National Political Science Bee (which is canceled) and scored 15th highest (10-way tie) on the qualifying exam. I entered it as a Tier B Non-Art Competition because I was in the top 20. However, I worry that because the competition is not as well known, the accolade will not benefit me greatly. The NPSB is run by International Academic Competitions (iacompetitions.com/usa/varsity-and-junior-varsity/); they also conduct the National History Bowl and Bee, International History Olympiad, US History Bee, US Geography Championships, International Geography Championships, and National Science Bee.

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2 years ago

This will definitely enhance your college applications. Be sure to list it in the activities section of the CommonApp along with a brief description of the activity. The Bee being canceled shouldn't impact your chances that much because these types of activities are being canceled for students across the globe. Colleges will see this as concrete evidence of your initiative and your passion for political science.


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