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What do I do if there are no options in my country?

I'm from Spain, and there's no way of doing volunteer here or extracurricular activities, so I do not know what to write in the Activities part of the application. The only special kind of thing I've done thru high school was doing my Sophomore year in the US, how can I show that? Any advice?

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What is the special kind of thing that you did during your sophomore year in the United States?

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I would say that you can answer the "Activities" question by describing what you did in the United States. You can talk about your experience living in / getting used to the United States environment. You can also add what struggles and successes did you face, for example.

Here are some questions to help you think about:

1. What are some barriers that you have to go through? What are struggles and successes did you face? Give some examples.

2. Why did you go to the United States? To "restart" a new life? To gain experience? To explore the outside world?

A. If you are going to talk about "To gain experience," what did you learn from it?

B. If you are going to talk about "To 'restart' a new life," how did that affect you? How did it affect you when you were living in Spain and United States. For example, do you have to work while continuing your education? Do you have to learn a new language and get used to the environment?

C. If you are going to talk about "To explore the outside world," what are the differences between Spain and the United States? For example, laws / policies, environment, family, etc. Share some stories / experiences when answering the question.

3. How did going to the United States change your life?

I hope this can help!


To answer your questions in order:

1. I am not really focused on taking SAT / ACT since it is test-optional for the graduation year 2023. I used to study for SAT / ACT, so here are some resources that can help:


Khan Academy | SAT Academy

Princeton Review | Cracking the SAT Premium or Normal and / or 10 Practice Tests for the SAT

- There are also specific subjects that they provide as well such as Reading and Writing and Math, but those are individual

- Princeton Review helps a lot since it is similar to a normal testing questions

Barron's | SAT Prep Book

- In my opinion, Barron's prep books are genuinely harder because it actually pushes you to think more in depth

Some links for SAT:

Princeton Review website



ACT Main Website

Princeton Review | ACT Premium Prep or ACT Prep

Barron's Review | ACT Prep Book


Tutor Method - If you have tutors for SAT / ACT, that would be really great! Pay attention to them and give them everything that you have!

Individual Studying - Make sure to have a scheduled plan and actually following it. Take practice tests and practice questions to help.

For me, I did the individual studying style, and I did not have a really actual structured plan until I met COVID.

2. If you really want to show them that you are working hard, you should have good grades such as straight A's or one or two Bs and all A's. It really depends on which college you are applying for. If you are in a sports team, you can say that you are a team leader to show your leadership or playing this particular sport for this many years to show that you are continuing in that sport and showing your passion as well.

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Well, I couldn’t volunteer bc i was only 14; and I didn’t do any special activity bc I had to switch high school’s, and then corona just made me go back home. But, I experienced that switching high schools, living with host families, traveling, adjusting to different states kind of life.


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