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Extracurriculars for a Communications Major

Hi! I am currently a sophomore and I am looking to take the journalism/communications route for college. What are some extracurriculars you would recommend to show interest when applying as this major? Especially to top schools.

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11 months ago

You can take communications summer programs in college. You can also take internships at a company such as Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. If you do not want too much pressure, you can take internships at a small company that relates to communications. You can write a newspaper for a local community, for example.

Not only extracurriculars, but you should also focus on communications courses in school. For example, taking Journalism, English (Honors / AP / IB?), foreign language (if you considering international communications), Public Speaking, etc. I do not know if Computer Science helps, but you can take basic Computer Science or AP Computer Science (AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A). If you want college admissions to see that you are really focused on communications, you should focus a lot on extracurriculars, internships, summer programs, and school courses.


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