3 years ago
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Should I take the SAT?

I am a sophomore in the United States. My GPA in the first semester is 3.87. Due to COVID, colleges are making it test-optional. I do not know if I should take SAT because I do not want to focus a lot on SAT, but more on school and AP courses.

If colleges are not going to focus on the SAT, I do not know why I should focus on the SAT. Shouldn't I take more AP courses and take high school dual enrollment courses to help? Also, shouldn't I focus more on my GPA and AP exam?

Any thoughts?


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3 years ago

You should focus on all of those things. The challenge is balancing and managing all those things at once.

Also, I believe the sudden influx of test optional is because of COVID, and when COVID passes test optional might too. Granted some schools will remain test optional, but taking the SAT/ACT could help your application. It won't be the sole factor that gets you in though. However in a holistic approach, a good SAT score might be a + especially in conjunction to AP/DE classes, good exams, GPA, and all that.

Also it's up to you when to start preparing for the SAT. I recommend taking a practice test if you haven't. That way you'll know where you're currently at when it comes to the SAT, and can plan your practicing accordingly.

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