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what ap science class should i take in my junior year?

I want to major in computer science and I need to take a science class my junior year to graduate. There are so many AP science options at my school, what class will best prepare me for a CS major in college (i.e ap physics 1, physics 2, physics c e&m, physics c mech, bio, chem) and look good for CS to colleges? I'll be taking AP Calc AB then most likely if that makes a difference.

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8 months ago

To answer your question, Computer Science mostly focuses on mathematics since it requires people to solve problems. For example, taking AP Statistics can help with the chart and diagram reading.

If you are looking specifically at AP Science, I would aim mostly for AP Physics. AP Physics courses are basically for people that are good with mathematics. Seeing that you are taking AP Calculus AB, I would say that you will do fine in AP Physics courses since your math level is strong, and you can use the math that you are learning and actually applying it to real-life situations.

Not only just taking AP Science and AP Math courses, but I would also say take the AP Computer Science courses as it will stand out more as well. For example, taking AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A demonstrates that you are willing to take the challenging Computer Science course. If you took that already or taking it now, you can ignore the AP Computer Science courses. If you are taking it now, you should focus on earning good scores on it since it would help you a lot.

You should also focus on other school courses or college courses that relate to Computer Science. For example, taking C++, C, Java, Python, C#, and other program languages in college demonstrates that you like to focus on Computer Science.


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