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What more can I do for extracurriculars? Is it too late?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am confident in my grades and test scores and I am taking the most rigorous course load available to me, but I'm worried my lack of extracurriculars will prevent me from getting into competitive schools. I am interested in majoring in biology/human evolution/genetics (something along those lines).

So far my only very noteworthy activities are mock trial (my team placed 5th at state last year) and sound crew for the school musicals (we've won statewide awards for sound both years I've done it, not super prestigious as multiple schools can "win").

My school does not have very many extracurricular options and most would not be a help to my application (no leadership positions or competition). The only science-related club is science olympiad which I haven't been able to do because competitions have conflicted with mock trial. I also live in a rural-ish area so no real opportunities for clubs or internships outside of school.

I'm not sure what I can do to help this, especially since I may not have anymore school junior year due to COVID-19. Is senior year too late to try to flesh out my extracurriculars? Know of any biology/science clubs I could try to start at my school? Maybe a national program I could at least apply to?

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2 years ago

Volunteering is always great. Since you already know you're interested in biology, you could find opportunities related to the field (i.e. working with animals?) If your area does not have formal volunteering opportunities, you can create your own. Colleges appreciate students that demonstrate initiative amidst lack of opportunity. There's also National Science Bee, a Jeopardy-esque science competition (nationalsciencebee.com). You can take the qualifying exam with an AP Science teacher, or go to a National History Bowl competition (historybowl.com/register/registration/).

I hope this helps. Enjoy your day and stay healthy.


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