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What can I do to strengthen my extracurriculars/activities?

I am currently a junior and have tried to stay as involved as possible with school and other activities. I am part of multiple clubs and had done a lot of volunteer work as well as hobbies with outside organizations. Because the pandemic came so unexpectedly a lot of my plans have been thrown off. Although I still am involved in school clubs and have even taken summer courses with my new-founded extra time, my dance organization has temporarily shut down along with many other volunteer opportunities.

I am trying to hopefully make up for some of the lost time and get myself involved with programs or other opportunities online (COVID friendly). My family is in a spot where although many things have started to open up, I am unable to do most that have any risk involving the pandemic. I was just hoping for some tips or maybe ideas on what I could get involved in to stay on track: summer programs, online courses, volunteer work, etc.

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Although the pandemic eliminates many in-person activities, you could go online to surpass those limitations. You could teach online or host online events. Potentially you could attract participants outside of your region as your activities could be opened up to anyone.

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3 years ago

You can start a blog or join a online article organization thing (I don't know how to describe it but I found one called Derms of Tommorow a while ago and you essentially write articles about dermatology and skin diseases). I know that there are some that pairs high school students with children like a sibling kind of thing but I am not sure if these programs are only local to my area. You can take some free online college courses from local colleges like you mentioned. For summer programs, I am not really sure because I mainly apply for local summer programs and not like those from MIT and the Ivy leagues. That being said, you can certainly apply for them and I think that the applications are going to be open soon if not already.

Disregarding those opportunities, you can create your own. This pandemic has caused a lot of problems in not only communities but also within schools. What I am getting at is try to fix some of these problems. For example, I started a group with some other seniors and am currently working with the Assistant principal through zoom and discussing how to fix the issues caused by the pandemic (which has recently extended into efforts to fixing issues before the pandemic). You can try to do something similar. I hope this helped but I think that other people will have better answers.

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