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How to raise your Gpa?

I am a junior in highschool, I have a 1.6 Gpa. Every year my Gpa haven't went up. I'm really trying cause I want to graduate. I just need help and need to figure out how can i make my gpa go up so i can graduate with my 2022 class?

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You can take more classes so that you have more grades to buffer your past grades. Just make sure those grades are high enough. I would also say to start dedicating more time towards your classes. Junior year is considered the most important year for grades and you can always provide an explanation for why your grades were low in your freshman and sophomore year (don't lie though if there isn't a good excuse). Start attending tutoring sessions if your school offers them. Maybe speak with a teacher for extra credit.

Personally, in my freshman year, my GPA was a bit low too but I started to find what has been distracting me from school and cut it off completely to focus on it. For me, it was my video games and anime and I used my extra time to study and sometimes learn ahead of my class. Do just that if you are really dedicated towards improving your GPA no matter what since entertainment can always be binged or whatever like TV shows in the future. This is like the overused but good advice about putting your phone away during working and studying. I am sure though that others have better ideas.

3 years ago

I would suggest focusing on your classes more. Maybe try to find a tutor. It could be a professional in your area, one of your teachers, or even another student. This will help you further understand the content and as your understanding improves, your grades will too.

Consider reflecting on your current habits. Are you paying attention in class? You you complete your homework? Are you studying for tests? Do you ask teachers for extra help when you need it? By reflecting on your current habits you can figure out what you need to improve on. Consider also meeting with a favorite teacher or guidance counselor, they will have more tips on improving your learning.

Decide if your classes are at the right level for you. If your classes are too hard, it will be difficult to succeed and if they are too easy it may be equally as difficult to pay attention and learn the material.

It is awesome that are you willing to improve your education. It may be difficult at this point, as your GPA is pretty low. Meet with your counselor and discuss your options. Many schools offer credit redemption courses and summer school classes, these may help you redeem credits you need to graduate. It is difficult to give specific advice, as I do not know you personally or know your graduation requirements, your counselor would be your best source of accurate information. Good luck!

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