10 months ago
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Dear College Vine,

I have been listening to your live streams and reading information on your website for a few months. The presenters are passionate, knowledgeable, sincere, and supportive. I deeply appreciate your service. Initially, I thought you would charge for your consultation. But it seems to me now that your service is completely free. This is an incredible amount of high-quality work. I so appreciate and admire your work and have recommended your website to quite a few friends.

I would recommend that you add a donate button so that users could donate to this cause which is beneficial and meaningful to all of us.

Thank you for all you do!


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10 months ago[edited]

Genuinely one of the best websites period. Like not just in relation to college, just in general. The UI is great, it's not buggy, people are friendly and helpful, LIVE essay reviews and college fairs. Maybe I'm shilling, but I really do appreciate this website. Especially all the people that work hard on it to provide us all the resources we have. Thank you Collegevine!

10 months ago[edited]

Hi there! We are so glad you're getting value from our resources. We really appreciate this kind note, and we've shared it with the entire team!

At this time, we have no plans to accept donations, but we truly appreciate the sentiment. The best thing you can do for us is to keep providing feedback and sharing the free resources with others. We couldn't have this community on CollegeVine without users like you!


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