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What more can I do?

Hi, I am currently a sophomore in high school, and recently I have been getting in this weird circle of confusion and worries because I feel like as a sophomore I am not doing enough for what it takes for when I start applying to colleges. I have heard my teachers tell me not to worry and that it's so far away, and I see all these other students who are literally perfect with everything but I do know that some of them have resources and family to support them. I'm a first-generation student and I have only little support, so this whole process is not going to be so easy, I have been asking for more rigorous classes and have been joining as many clubs as I can but I still feel behind, I am currently only taking 2 honors classes, I know I can handle more but I feel like my teachers are shooting me down. What more is there that I can do? even if it's outside of school. Any advice is really helpful, really anything.

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I feel the same.

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Find activities that matter to you and that you care about. Join or make a club, do a sport you're good at or you just want to try and stick with it. Volunteer work is important too. Find an organization that you're interested in. There are a lot of opportunities for volunteer work. Even online! Also, start planning for the summer. Research activities you can do. College vine has a lot of great articles. Enter contests for your hobbies or something you're passionate about. (Ex story writing competitions) You could also apply for a job over the summer. If you like science, you could also do a research project over the summer. (It does take a lot of work though I imagine) Talk to your college counselor. They could probably help you out a lot! Apply for an internship this summer. Also, if you are doing well in your classes, take up some AP classes next year. Sorry for my disjointed thoughts but I hope this helped. Don't be stressed. I feel the same. I hope this helps.

8 months ago

Interviews: Not important until 12th Grade

Filling out Common App and doing financial aid: Not important until 12th Grade

Start researching colleges: Something you can do now

Classes- dont overwhelm yourself with too many classes, it will bring you down

Extracurriculars: Dont just join as many clubs as possible, Join ones that matter to you!


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