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What are some online summer opportunities I can do during covid? (preferably internships, volunteering, or research )

Hi, I'm a rising sophomore in high school, and I live in Delaware. I am interested in the medical field and I really like doing community volunteering. Since Delaware is a really small state and because of COVID, there aren't many opportunities for rising sophomores to do research or intern or volunteer online. I was researching things I could do over the summer, but most programs are extremely expensive, only open to juniors and seniors, or in-person far away from Delaware. I would appreciate some ideas on what to do and on opportunities that exist for me. Also, I cannot work formally because I am not a permanent resident or citizen of the US. Thank you so much and any tips would help! :)

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Many companies have started to open internship opportunities due to the "ease" that virtual environments due to COVID have caused. Most of them, will have this kind of opportunities posted in their webpages (maybe not the first thing you see), so it really wouldn't hurt to check directly on their website. There is also a webpage called virtual internships which could help you find what you're looking for. Hope this helps!

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I suggest looking at different universities’ precollege programs! Many colleges offer them in many different subjects, so you’ll be sure to find something you’ll like. I know some schools such as New York University, Wake Forest, Yale, etc. have programs like these! You usually have to apply to get into them, and most programs also offer financial aid and scholarships to help fund them. These look great for college resumes, especially if you take a course through the schools you are planning to apply.


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