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When networking on CollegeVine with schools is the message you write for the first school the same one sent to others?

I wrote my message to the first school I connected with which was Vanderbilt University and I assumed that I would get to write different messages for each school but when I connected with BC and another school it didn't give me the option to write a message. I hope it didn't automatically send the same message because I specifically mentioned Vanderbilt in it. I'm wondering if the other schools I connected with just didn't give the option to write notes but if not and my first message to Vanderbilt was automatically sent to those schools as well I was wondering if that would affect my chances?

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8 months ago

Hi @ktisdale,

The first message is not sent to any other college you connect with, rest assured. We're working on clarifying this in the Network, so thank you for asking your question! Different colleges on CollegeVine have different configurations, so no messages were sent to a school if you were not given an option to send one.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

8 months ago

Yes they do


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