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How much will affect my profile for failling exam.

I am an international student.I failed in one subject in 9th grade mid year exam.but in the final exam of 9th grade i got 76% marks in it. i also got 80% marks in 10th grade final exam.and i again failed in two subjects in 11th grade mid year exam.after that my school couldn't take any more tests for the pandemic situatio.Although my 12th grade exam is held it will be after admission. Now i am preparing for SAT. In this situation what should i do? And how much will it affect my chances of getting?

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10 months ago

Just to add on to what @SkylarR said...

If the classes you failed are classes that you think are important to the career path/major you want to pursue, you should definitely look into taking a remedial class or another type of summer class that is similar/the same to your failed classes.

Hope everything works out for you!

10 months ago

The answer can differ based on what career you plan to pursue and what colleges you look at.

If you are interested in computer science, for example, most colleges won't care if you failed in pottery making. They want to see you excel in classes that follow your career plan. This isn't to say that good grades and other classes don't matter entirely; they can show that you apply yourself to their subjects. As for the grades you'll miss due to the pandemic and your 12th-grade exam being after admission, they can't evaluate you on opportunities you didn't have.

To improve your chances, work with your teachers and get close to them. Tell them your concerns and show you are willing to put in the effort to up your chances. Later down the road, they can write recommendation letters for you that highlight your perseverance to do well. If there's something colleges love, it's improvement. Let your character and grades show that and trust that you will find a college that is right for you when the time comes.

Best of luck!


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