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I recieved an email from Colby requesting additional information. What can I send them?

I received this email from Colby College (which I applied to in January) 4 days ago: "Thank you for completing your application to Colby. In light of the complexities related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to submit additional information to be reviewed by the admissions committee."

It took me to a link with a text box under the prompt: "Please use the space provided to include any additional information you would like to share with the admissions committee."

I know someone who emailed asking what Colby wanted specifically, and Colby said:

"The additional information should be used if you feel like you have pertinent updates to share with the admissions committee. Can be:

-Awards or honors you’ve earned since submitting your application

-Updates on your senior year progress, or similar

-Updates of activities

-Continued interest in Colby

-Neither expect nor require that you’ll write another essay (like Why Colby) or that all students will complete this section?"

MY QUESTION: Could I send them a 300-word personal essay about one of my extracurriculars and connect it to why Colby is a fit for me? I have used a similar format/essay at other schools and I know it is a very strong essay. I don't think this is what Colby is looking for, but it could help me stand out. Keep in mind Colby doesn't require a supplemental essay with their application and I think the purpose of this new section is to differentiate applicants in their largest applicant pool ever (16,000 people).

@fft2r32 years ago [edited]

were you then accepted?

@macduff2 years ago

Were you accepted? Does that email indicate any increased chance of acceptance?

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2 years ago

who will receive this email from Colby?

3 years ago[edited]

The way you are going with this is great, but highlighting your whole profile will do a lot for the admissions staff. You should include new information about all of your extra-circulars since it shows you are still growing and learning as a student. Repeating what was in the Common Application will be boring to the admissions officers since if you did a good job with the 150-word description they will see just about everything about your extracurriculars. On top of that, you will show admissions that you embody the college's views and mission every day of your life. Making you look like a good fit who will be welcome by the college's community means you will far more likely to stay and graduate.

Edit: Basically. But tie it into the school's mission and value.

"My name is (insert name) and I am applying to your prestigious institution as a part of the class of 2025. As you probably discovered from my admissions profile, I am a very curious student. I have participated in a wide breadth of activities to try and satisfy my thirst for knowledge. Including, (insert activities that are varied in the subject.) You all know this. I do, however, wish to update the Admissions Staff to further show this fundamental trait of my personality. (Insert more recent activities, include a few updates to previously stated ones). Colby College is perfect for me. I have known it since I first received a brochure from you and saw your gorgeous campus with its unique and lively activities such as (try to insert one that doesn't relate to your major, list here: http://www.colby.edu/studentlife/student-organizations/) where I can make a genuine change for other student's lives by (insert goal of the club) which will help expand my knowledge through action and real-world experiences. I knew it when I saw pictures of your campus and heard how genuinely enriching your alumnus' experiences were. Colby College, for more reasons than I can ever state, is the college for me. I cannot see myself attending another school without losing a fundamental part of what I want in a college experience. I want to take part in the experimental and exploratory parts of your curriculum, (include more parts such as campus traditions and annual events) which have been developed over the 200 years Colby has taught. Thank you, for considering my admission profile and I cannot wait to be a part of the class of 2025."

This sounds robotic, but it will depend all on your words from here.

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