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How am I able to convert my 4.4 GPA (freshman) into a 4.0 scale? It would be helpful if I could have some assistance.


9th grade, public high school

Try this site :

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In order to determine your unweighted GPA without going through the trouble of calculating, I recommend using:

On this website, you can adjust to use weighted or unweighted and can also calculate your cumulative GPA which is helpful in your later years of high school.

If you do not use letter grades and instead rely on percentages, the website also has a GPA scale in order to make conversions:

Also, if your school does not have A- or A+ and instead uses just an A it doesn't hurt your results.

What @nlwhite suggested is much better because then you get a full understanding of grades and calculating them, but I'll admit I'm a bit lazy. I discovered this website in order to mimic what my transcript would say and it helped out a lot!

Also instead of caculating it thee might be software your school uses to track grades sometime your transcript would be on it and mine gives unwieghted and wieghted
Very true, but I know that at my school you have to pay a fee whenever you want a copy of your transcript and there is a limit to how many copies you can obtain. Also, my school usually just gives unweighted.
It’s unofficial and can’t be printed but a paper copy you can only get 5 a semester but yeh
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Hi I am going to assume that you have a relatively traditional basic scale in terms of weighted classes. Getting your unweighted GPA will require a bit of math on your end.

Each classes is weighted the following:

A - 4

B - 3

C - 2

D - 1

F - 0

So figure out your letter grade from each class and assign the point value from above to them. Them just find the average by dividing by the number classes you have taken. Hope this helps!