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Is my situation gonna effect my admission process?

As I want to apply to my dream college, I need to submit my grades. But I have failed in the mid term of 11th grade, after that my school couldn't take any exams due to Corona pandemic and it's impossible for me to submit the next 12th grade results because I is gonna held after the admission process. In my country there is no option to retake those 11th grade mid year exam in which I have failed. As I have failed in Math and my proximal future major is related to Astronomy and CSE, is my result gonna effect my whole admission process?

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3 years ago

I am not sure if what your midterm exam is since I am not sure if its for your 11th grade overall grade or just a class in your 11th grade. Regardless, if it has a large impact on your overall GPA for your 11th grade or whatever subject it is for, worry a bit but if your grade is above a 80 or something, don't fret about it. Math is just one part of Astronomy and CSE. Physics is probably involved too so just make sure you did well on that. Also, grades aren't everything. Keep up with your extracurriculars and stuff, it could make the admissions officers choose you despite the poor grade.

I might be wrong though so anyone can feel free to correct me.

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