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Hi! I was just wondering why it says I have a below 25% acceptance chance for a lot of the colleges on my list when it says I exceed the academic course load, GPA, as well as extra curricular activities for the schools. I was also wondering how you change it to say the specific percentage because it just says below 25%.

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8 months ago

Schools(top left bar)->School List->scroll to the right->you will see a table of all the schools you want to see-> column with admissions chances(if it still shows <25% it either means that the engine REALLY isn't sure and <25% is the best approximation)

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It is really great that the academic course load, GPA and extracurriculars have all the 3 bars complete.

However, top universities need top notch scores in tests like SAT/ACT apart from the GPA. You should check out the average score for each university. The link for the same is given below.


Also, although the extracurriculars may be strong, universities search for people with a varied number of activities and active participation in all of them. Having 10 activities but not a major change or low participation will not add up to the admission chances. Check out these links for extracurriculars.



How to change to a specific percentage below 25%?

Schools-School List-Table of schools-Admission chances column

Hope this information and links help you. All the best !

8 months ago

So there’s a possibility that it’s a bug but IMO it’s more likely that you just pass the threshold so while you pass the imaginary cutoff it’s not by much.

For Example let’s say Harvard academic cutoff is 3.8 but you have a 3.81. That’s acceptable but it wouldn’t put you above 25% as you can be strong in all catergories of a school but still have a sub 25% admit chance.


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