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Should I take the SAT for the University of Michigan?

Hello everyone! I have been preparing for the SAT for quite a while now, but I was wondering if it is worth taking the SAT. I did pretty decently on the PSAT/NMSQT (1410, which was 99th percentile) and I have a 3.94 GPA. I have only taken 2 honors classes and 2 AP classes because I recently moved from Canada. Essentially, I want to get admitted into the ROSS School of Business. I do have a blog about stocks, but I don't think there is much about me that is different from other applicants. I'm in the National Honors Society, DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), and I'm a treasurer in IASA (Indian American Student Association). I also do karate. But that is all. So all in all, do you guys think that taking the SAT is really worth it (for me)? Or would it just be a waste of time and money? By the way, I've gotten my SAT canceled 2 times already. Thank you for your feedback!

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Your achievements are very impressive. Also, you have many things in which it is seen that you are at the top of your class.

Standardised College Board tests like the SAT gave a basic idea to universities about the student's English and Math proficiency skills. Hence, I personally recommend that giving the SAT will be beneficial and will add on to your prior achievements.

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The SAT is something you should do (I am assuming you are a junior currently). You still have time to do it even if your SAT has been cancelled. Your PSAT is pretty high so your SAT score will probably be pretty good too like at least 1400 which is good already. Of course, the PSAT is on a lower scale compared to the SAT so if you translate it to the SAT scale, it will be slightly higher but with more practice you will definitely get into the range of UMichigan's Ross school since from what I see the average is around 1480ish. Besides, the SAT is there to help differentiate you from the other 4.0ish GPAs. There are many people with high GPAs and the SAT is one of the factors that separates people despite their GPAs. By the way, you can say in the additional info section of your common app about why you have so little honors and AP classes so no need to worry about that. I could be wrong in what I have just said though so anyone can feel free to correct me.

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