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How happy/mentally healthy are you at your ivy/selective university? (please please be genuine!)

I know that every college is different which is why 3+ responses would be helpful. As someone who goes to a really selective high school and is already struggling a bit with anxiety, I feel like this is a really under-discussed topic. Thanks in advance! :)


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4 months ago

I think you might have better luck if you watch some youtube videos on Ivy students.

I found them very useful.

If you can find a group of like-minded friends, it makes attending a rigorous school easier.

The ones who seem to struggle are perhaps less inclined to get involved in clubs, Greek life, and leadership positions.

99% of the CV audience are High School students versus college students. If there are still college students on here, remember that not very many have attended IVY schools already.

4 months ago


I'm a freshman in high school (sorry, no ivy league!) And honestly, I can share my prediction for what I will be like in college.

Time management: Probably worse, since I do good in my classes now so I feel like the rigor will be a huge difference.

Burnout: Probably towards senior year.

Stress: Pretty high, I stress myself out a lot.

Coffee Reliance: None. Coffee disgusts me lol.

Food: I am really picky, but I do like ramen so I should be fine.

Sleep: It will be a huge difference. I have a great sleep schedule now so it will be wild at college.

Homesickness: 100000% I am incredibly close to my family

Social: Probably not in freshman year, but later yes.

Involvement: I plan to do lots of college ec's

Grades: Hopefully at least B's.

Mental Stability: Hopefully pretty good.


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