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Are there any affordable schools that also offer financial aid to international students

Need a university that will give financial aid to international student but it’s tuition is also affordable. Need the cost of attendance to be less than 20k

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8 months ago

Many, but not all top schools have great financial aid programs. They have something called need based financial aid, and they guarantee to meet this.

Example: Harvard

Ask your parents about what they make in a year (salary).

If they make 65,000$ or less, it is completely free, plus at Harvard specifically you get an extra 2000$.

If they make 70,000-150,000$, they will pay at MOST 10% of the yearly income. (ex. If they make 90,000 combined, tuition will be 1000-9000 per year.)

150,000+ is barely qualified for aid.

Some other factors include how many siblings will be in college (boost) and if your parents have a small business (they think you are hiding money so they may charge more)

Just because a sticker price is high doesn't mean you can't afford it!

8 months ago[edited]

There are many schools that are excellent that give out great financial aid for international students. You will not get a full ride at these but you might get 1/2 your tuition covered or better but will still have to come up with room and board. Unless you are brilliant, you will not get a full ride at an Ivy or any other college as an international student. And the cost of attendance will depend on whether you are very poor or not. If you can show evidence of your family living at a very low level, they will be more generous with the financial aid package but you do have to fill out lots of paperwork and submit your parent's taxes forms and other documents evidencing assets. If the cost of a private university is about $75K per year on average, i'd would aim for 1/2 that amount, not 20K, that doesn't sound realistic even for an American college student. Otherwise, at a 20K budget, you should look at State Colleges or those that are public universities. The tuition can be much less at 15-40K versus 55-60K but the room and board are about the same no matter what college you attend. UC schools like UCLA / UC Berkeley are public schools but the tuition is nearly 45K for an out-of-state or international student, plus room and board to you would have to budget like 60K per year because UC schools do not give out much financial aid.

Trinity College, CT

Wellesley College, MA

Skidmore College, NY

Carnegie Mellon University, PA

Duke University, NC

Pomona College, CA

Williams College, MA

Amherst College, MA

Wesleyan University, CT

Swarthmore College, PA

Pepperdine University, CA

Connecticut College, CT

University of Miami, FL

Emory University, GA

Northwestern, IL

University of Chicago, IL

DePauw University, IN

Earlham College, IN

Grinnell College, IA

Berea College, KY

Johns Hopkins University, MD

St. Johns College, MD

Hampshire College, MA

Wheaton College, MA

Carlton College, MN

Bard College, NY

Hamilton College, NY

Vassar College, NY

Denison College, OH

Kenyon College, OH

Reed College, OR

Dickenson College, PA

Bryn Mawr, PA

Lehigh College, PA

Sewanee, TN

Middlebury College, VT

Washington and Lee, VA

Whitman College, WA

Bennington College, VT



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