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Studying Physics or Biology at North Central College

Is it really worth it to pursue a BS degree in Physics or Biology at North Central College, IL? I've a plan to go to Grad school and so wanna be sure before taking this giant step. And the costs of NCC is affordable for me(18k/y). Please leave me any suggestions.

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7 months ago

Well, is it worth it in what way? Do you have other options you're considering? The biggest thing to think about is if you'll be happy going there. Are the caliber of their programs what you are looking for? Can you imagine yourself going to the school for 4 years?

Where you go for undergrad can have an impact on your options for grad schools but generally that's more for people who are looking at getting an MBA. While I don't know for sure I think the impact might be less for something like physics or biology. If/when you get accepted to grad school the degree you receive and the school you go to will end up mattering more for employment reasons than your prior education. As long as you do well in whatever school you go to for undergrad you should be fine when to comes to grad school.


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