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Will taking electives that do not correlate with one another effect my chances at a top school?

I'm in 10th grade, and I wanted to try out more classes for my electives rather than just stick to one elective program and I worry it will ruin my chances

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3 years ago


I will start out by saying that I am no professional, so take this with a grain of salt.

Your question can be answered in two ways: If you know or have a general idea of what major you want to have in college OR If you are undecided.

1 - If you do have a major that you plan on taking, it is good to stay on a focused path that almost supports your decision on taking that specific major. For example, if you want to go into Neuroscience, take classes such as AP Chemistry, AP Biology, or other science-related classes - pretty straightforward. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot take other classes that have nothing to do with this! High school is your time to explore your interests. I think in any of these two scenarios, taking part in a diverse range of electives should be encouraged.

2 - If you are like me and are undecided, taking a wide range of electives is fantastic. As I mentioned before, use your time wisely and take every chance you get to explore what your high school offers. Many students going to prestigious universities highly recommend trying out different clubs and classes to find what you are good at. You also have to remember that you are in 10th grade. You still have plenty of time to find out what you enjoy. In fact, if you find something you truly love in an elective or club, in your next two years this could be your "spike" in college admissions, which is what colleges are looking for. (Spike = incredible, sometimes world-class talent in several or one specific area of study). Even after taking your first two years or perhaps three years to find what you love, having a spike is well worth it in my opinion. Your spike can even influence many of your extracurriculars, which are just as important to college admissions as courses.

In summary: if you have an intended major, try to take classes that reflect this. If you are undecided, spend time taking varied classes to find your spike, then take classes that reflect that spike. Once again, I am no expert, but this is my take. :)

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