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does this summer program count?

I was accepted into a ballet summer intensive this year. I would be going for five weeks. Ballet is one of my hobbies I have been doing for five years, so I want to show that I am committed to doing it. But, there are also some other things I want to do this summer that I won't be able to do if I go. So, my question is, would colleges even look at sport summer programs? Would that help my app at all?


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8 months ago

Yes, it will help your application strength in your EC area. Since you are a dancer and have worked hard on ballet for 5 years, taking an intensive 5-week program this summer will speak to your narrative that you are passionate and serious about this activity. If you end up majoring or minoring in dance in college, this will help as well. There are many colleges where you can do this.

I personally do not consider ballet a sport. Although there are ballet competitions you are not performing for time or some other athletic trick like how many triple sow cows you can do like in ice skating. But I'm no expert. I suppose they have impromptu pirouette competitions but that's more for fun than for some gold medal.


To me, ballet requires incredible athleticism and flexibility but also grace, beauty, control, and creativity. The aesthetic and artistic elements often mask the physicality of the performing art and most people who watch ballet have no idea of how extremely difficult it is to look graceful on pointe.

Good luck with your summer plans!


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