8 months ago
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Cybersecrity certificate in highschool

Im thinking of doing a cybersecurity course right now (junior) and if i get the certificate does this look really good on my application


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8 months ago


Doing the cybersecurity course and getting a course will be helpful but what colleges see is how you apply that in real life as in a project, protecting the school website, you know something like that. This is what top universities look for. Having the basic knowledge of a specific topic is important but how you are planning to implement it in real life and daily solutions is also really important.

Like, I have a done a course on the programming language, R, by which I have learnt some data crunching things. So, implementing this, I took the test scores of a particular class and found the average, made a graph, median and other stuff like that.

All the best for your application !!


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