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How long should an academic resume be for a high school using it to apply to colleges? Also, if I had a passion/hobby since age 4 of Musical Theater and performing arts(sing/act/dance), however do not want to pursue that line of study in college (I have many other interests) how do I use all of that experience and training on the academic resume and when applying to help me in other college applications?

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So to give you a little insight, I applied to universities for Fall 2021, and while I anxiously wait for my college decisions; I too worked on an academic resume for universities. Unfortunately, it was the first time I looked into resume building and ended up making a 4 PAGE resume. It was a bad idea and looking back at it, I wish I hadn't done that. Nevertheless, I reworked and structured it. It is now a single-page document, with just about the right information for both universities as well as internships I apply to.

So in my opinion, one page should be your goal for a resume. Highlight major achievements with just enough context for readers to understand, but spend more space on elaborating on quantifiable, long-term commitments: clubs, internships, work experience, leadership positions, etc.

With regards to your second question:

It would great to prioritize ur work and achievements in the field you are potentially gonna major in. That should come first in the resume. And then, of course, all your interests and commitments should be mentioned. If there is some particularly remarkable achievement, then it shud be mentioned regardless of ur major.

IN case you are pursuing an undecided major, then feel free to mention the work which remains closest to your heart and shows passion + dedication.

Hope this helps!

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