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10 months ago
Admissions Advice

Is my college admissions profile strong enough?

I am currently a high school sophomore with strong motivation to do well, and I put a lot of effort into things I love to do.

I am concerned if my application is strong enough for Top 25 schools, since that is where I am aiming. My intended major is a Computer Science and 2 minors in Math and Finance.

My profile is as follows:

GPA: 4.1

Sophomore Year:

All Honors Classes, No AP's (school doesn't offer for sophomores)

Intended Junior Year Schedule:

1. Honors English

2. Honors Trig & Pre-Calc

3. Honors Physics

4. AP US History

5. Honors Spanish 4

6. AP Phycology (I can swap this one)

7. Java Programming Honors

8. Business Law CP1 (My elective, relaxed class)

SAT: Currently 1250 in a prep course right now. Aiming for 1500


- Possible Internship

- Tutoring in the community

- DECA Club

- Boy Scouts (Lot's of leadership here)

- Possible NHS

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