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how much do we put for the price we want?

can you say $0? what if you don't how you will be able to pay even half of the original price?

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2 years ago

Hey @howhow8! Thank you for your interest in Advocate! When selecting the aid you’d like to receive from a university, its important to consider your individual financial circumstances as well as other offers you’ve received. Knowing your desired cost is helpful in communicating directly with the admissions and financial aid office at colleges. It helps you be transparent about what works for you, allowing the schools to do everything possible to help you.

Your chances of success are much higher if you ask for a smaller amount (less than $5,000 extra per year). Small requests (less than $4,000 per year) have close to a 50% chance of success, while big requests (more than $15,000 per year) have a success rate of less than 5%. However, if you truly need the price to be lower than that, I suggest asking for the amount you genuinely need (i.e. 20k, 30k, or even 40k in extra aid). While it may lower your chances of success, you should ask for the amount that will get you to matriculate at the school. I hope this helps!


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