8 months ago
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Is it possible to get medical experience without attending even pre-med classes?

Okay, so I wanted to go into the medical field (including EMT BLS, EMT ALS, Paramedic) but am not good at the sciences and probably won’t be, I really don’t want to courses in the medical field if I don’t need to take them already but yet I want some medical experience besides besides first aid, CPR, and using an AED. I also don’t want to pay for extra if I don’t need to. How could I get the experience?


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8 months ago

If you are not good at the sciences, and think that you won't be able to improve in those areas, I suggest looking for a career path other than medicine. Medicine requires a strong foundation in all sciences, so unless you are confident and willing to put in effort to improve in the sciences, medicine does not sound right for you.


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