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How much chance do you have attending a college with a low SAT or ACT?

For example i have a 3.5 gpa with a 1030 SAT, so can i get into any good colleges.

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@arielUC258 months ago

What colleges do you consider good??? A lot of schools could be test optional next year, and so your in-state public is probably a safe bet... and they have decent programsl...

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8 months ago

Yes, you can get into many excellent schools with a 3.5 GPA, mostly big state schools and large private ones.

For example, Syracuse, U of Oregon, some UC schools, U of Arizona, some UT schools, U of Alabama, U of Florida, Penn State, U Pitt, U Mass, SUNY schools, Ohio State, Indiana U, if you get my picture.

Just don't report your SAT test scores.

They are all going to be test-optional again next year.


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