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How does an Eagle Scout REALLY factor in. Even in filling out this profile, it was hard to find a place for it in Extracurricular activities. Thank you

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3 years ago

I am also a Scout as well, but I did not earn Eagle yet...

I would say, they would consider it because it is under the "extracurricular activities." As always, colleges always look at grades first because they put a lot of emphasis on grades. Colleges do not want people that are good with only extracurricular activities and not doing so well in education, or they do not want people that are good with education and not doing so well in extracurricular activities. Colleges are looking for a balance since this would represent that you have good time management skills, for example.

I know CollegeVine does not have a category for "Eagle Scout" since I was looking for it as well, but on your college applications, you can include that you are an Eagle Scout. I would also say if you were held any strong leadership (ex. Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Order of the Arrow Troop Representative(?), Order of the Arrow Vice Cheifs positions, and more), and you can explain how you showed leadership with these leaderships, those can benefit you as well. For example, if I was an Order of the Arrow Vice Chief of Communications at the council level, I can say that I communicated with the council a lot by writing emails and coordinating events with the Lodge Chief and the Vice Cheif of Programs.

As always, remember that colleges do look at your extracurricular activities, but they value leadership more than the award factor.

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