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11th grade trying to get my 3.65 to a 4.0 before i graduate(please help)

Hi i'm a student at a high school, i'm in 11th grade i have almost completed my second semester of high school. I am very concerned with my grades even though i have good grades i want better you know? So the whole point of me reaching out is i need some advice i currently have a 3.6579 weighted (I take honors) my unweighted 3.5789 . im currently ranked 52/200 i know not the best but it will have to do for now . i would like to know how i could get that to a 4.0 before i graduate ??????

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1. How many classes can you take each year? 6? 7? 8?

2. Are APs and IBs weighted at your school? How much?

3. Are honors classes weights? How much?

4. What do you think your GPA will be this Spring semester ending Junior year?

5. Do you have an SAT or ACT test score?

6. What are your target colleges? and safeties?

If you answer these I can give you a detailed answer. Regards.

Thanks for your answers.

If you have 3.58 Unweighted for 5 semesters and get straight As over the next 2 semesters meaning Spring 11th, and Fall 12th, then you will have an Unweighted GPA of 3.70. If you get straight As your final semester senior year you will graduate with a 3.74 uwgpa. And your weighted GPA will be like a 3.85-3.9 depending on how many honors or APs you take.

I asked you about your college choices because some top schools like Ivy league ones might be a bit of reach with a 3.7 but there are many excellent schools that will find that to be a very good GPA.

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In my State, if you dont have all A's (all four years) you cant get a 4.0, although you may take AP or IB courses that interest you. AP/IB courses weigh heavier than honors classes and help raise your GPA, if your school provides them.

I hope this helps

11 months ago

You will not be able to get a 4.0 unweighted or weighted, but that isn't necessarily the end. I'd recommend getting a high SAT / ACT score in compensation.

Does your school only offer honors? You could take AP or Duel Enrollment classes for a better weighted grade, if they're more weighted than honors. Keep in mind though generally unweighted grades are more valuable, and of course if you're not ready for these classes / a certain quantity of them taking them could be counterproductive, as you might sink your GPA.

Also, target / safety schools are the different type of colleges you're aiming for, Target being the more challenging one to get accepted by, and safety being almost guaranteed. Since you didn't know what these were, I'm assuming you're not applying to any Ivy Leagues or any super competitive schools (not that you can't!). As long as you aren't really applying to schools that generally want a very high unweighted GPA, like a 3.9, you'll be fine. Even then, as long as you have the extra curriculars to make up for it, a high SAT / ACT score, or something unique to your high school story, you'll also have a chance at reaching those top schools. I would recommend looking at colleges to apply for if you haven't already! The sooner the better.

Best of luck!


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