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Extracurriculars for Medicine

Hey! I am a sophomore in high school looking at a lot of really competitive schools for college (upenn, columbia, harvard are my reach schools) and i'm really struggling in the extracurricular section. I'm applying in the pre med track. I have very strong grades and go to a science academy, but I have no extracurriculars, and I know those are important. Does anyone know ANYTHING notable I can do relating to medicine, conference/internships/volunteering etc???

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8 months ago

You could try calling family practices and asking to shadow some of their general doctors (pediatricians, etc.) Does your school have an internships program? I would look into that and see what businesses or organizations in medicine are taking students from your school. Indeed.com is a good place to search for internships, you could look for content creation and social media roles and internships for hospitals or family practices. These tend to be easy jobs to get your foot into the door and display your interest in medicine in an environment where you would actually be allowed to, as a minor. Be sure to fine-tune your cover letter and explain why they should hire you, and not a college grad.

8 months ago

Some towns/communities have EMS programs/volunteering opportunities available for their town's high school students. So, if you know if this near you, it might be a great option as it would give you experience in the field, community service hours and looks great as an extracurricular. (also a great way t give back to the community while doing something you are passionate about!)


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