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a year ago
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what does "Your regional admissions rep's email" mean?

Should we just give the email of the university or what? Can someone please explain in detail as I'm an international student and don't have much idea about it. Thankyou.

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a year ago

Hey @varun2903! Regional admissions representatives are individuals designated by the university to assist prospective first year students to meet the university enrollment goals and help navigate their admissions process. Their contact info is often available on the school website where you can select your region/territory to view the admissions officer for your area. You can certainly include the school's admissions email, however, you may get a may get a response more quickly from your regional admissions rep. I hope this helps!

a year ago

Most colleges and universities assign admissions representatives, by state. In your case on most college websites you can put in where you live and it will show you who this individual is. When in doubt though, use the general admissions email and they will direct your questions wherever they can be best addressed. Hope this helps!


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