9 months ago
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The worst and the best thing about UPenn?

Curious. I like to ask this question to current students at the schools I'm interested in (if i can figure out how to reach out to them). It's helpful to get an honest opinion!


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9 months ago

I am multi-passionate (as I believe many of us are) but I wasn't able to study every academic interest of mine. While I see the value of a liberal arts education, both of my majors still had a few course requirements that didn't nourish my intellectual pursuits. It's unfortunate to think I lost out on anthropology or history classes that could have provided me with a foundation critical to the work I want to be doing today. Especially when you consider the cost of the school. Penn fosters interdisciplinary learning but I think CAS' curriculum is still less flexible than an open curriculum. The best part -- I became friends with resilient, passionate, and caring students committed to creating a just world.


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