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4 AP's (Bio + Chem) in my junior year?

Edit: I haven't taken any AP's before. Only pre eng 10

Hello! You guys might've noticed my last post, in which I came to the conclusion that I'm not even able to not take US Hist or Gov. So instead, I might take AP bio and AP Chem my junior year.

Here’s my planned hypothetical schedule for my junior year:

- AP Lang

- AP Bio (in place of AP US hist)

- Alg 2

- AP Chem (instead of pre, which I had originally)

- AP Econ

- Spanish 3

- Orch

I’m in a bit of an awkward situation. I’m planning on majoring in comp sci, or something bio related so I really want to take AP Bio + Chem, and physics (senior year).

I’m really motivated to try and give these AP classes my all, because I’m genuinely interested in them. In my senior year I plan on pushing myself even further trying to hit 4 or more AP classes (all related to my interest / majors).

I was thinking about taking Pre-AP Chem instead of Chem, but doing so would mean I’d have to take US Hist over the summer, or my senior year resulting in me having to self study AP physics in my junior year or pay 470 for US hist over the summer .. or I would have to self study or take bio at a community college over a summer and not take it at all during school.

Ik this is pretty complicated, but hopefully you guys can help me pick my classes. I’m really conflicted on what I should do! Thanks.

planned senior year for those who’s curious:

eng (maybe ap)

- AP gov (maybe normal)

- AP Chem or Hist (depending on if I take AP Chem or pre in my junior year)

- Precalc (Calc AB if I take precalc in my summer)

- AP Comp sci -a

- AP Physics

- Orch


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10 months ago

Its great that you are willing to challenge yourself and take a challenging course load!

My advice for you:

- Does your school have honors courses? If yes, have you taken some? If not, do you have the study skills to keep up with AP? AP courses are quite different from regular high school courses, often you will be self-guiding your learning, often through textbook reading and other advanced texts. Additionally for AP courses you are asked to apply facts and what you are learning, rather than just regurgitating facts. Below are more specifics about each type of AP course you are considering taking for your Junior year

1. AP Lang - pretty difficult course, involves reading advanced passages and texts as well as writing essays that analyze passages and argumentative essays on abstract topics (for this course you should feel comfortable reading high level texts and writing timed essays)

2. AP Bio - if your school requires a lower level bio course (you may have taken it freshman year) this course builds off of these basics but at a very high level. There is a lot of memorization required for this course and it moves quickly (Note: I have not taken this course but this is what I have gathered from my friends who have)

3. AP US History - not very difficult, but for your first AP History course you will need to put in the time to learn about "AP writing" as you will have to create and defend arguments that analyze historical events and not just discuss the events

4. AP Chem - a VERY difficult course you should have a decent base of chem knowledge. This class goes into great detail about chemistry and will require a lot of time and energy. You will have to understand the processes and reasoning, rather that just the formulas (Note: I have not taken this course but this is what I have gathered from my friends who have)

While this course load may be possible you need to think about you as an individual. What else are you doing outside of school and how much time will you be dedicating for studying and homework? It is important to be involved in extracurriculars as well (a job, internship, clubs, sports, etc.)

It seems like you have taken the time to plan out your course load but check with your counselor to be sure you meet all graduation requirements (ex. you may have to take history). Good luck!


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