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Extra curricular activity: Is it strong enough?

Over the corona virus pandemic, due to being stuck at home, I have been giving weekly English language lessons to my grandma and her underprivileged neighborhood kids in in India through zoom (since they have no other resources to learn the language for an affordable price to them). My grandma also struggles with hearing problems so a lot of my lessons are visual based and I try to find many strategies to work with her hearing problem but still try to provide her the understanding of the language, effectively. My question is: Is this something that can count as an extracurricular on my college application even though it may not be associated with any club or organization. I was also going to write my essay about it so I was wondering if that is a good idea as well? (especially for top schools!)

@crazyblob11 months ago

That's pretty honorable

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This is a great extracurricular. It demonstrates leadership and how you are helping the community. It might not be strong enough to be like your main extracurricular, so it might be beneficial to have other activities.


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