3 years ago
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I performed poorly in my public test can I be accepted in any university.


I got F9 in four(4) subject including Math and English, and C in two subject History and Geography.

@VeggieDance3 years ago

What country do you live in and what is the grading scale for these types of tests and what does F9 mean exactly? I know that an F is failing but what does the 9 mean? How does this test affect your academic transcript? or is it a standardized test performed outside of your high school? More information is required to understand and address your question.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@bishoppeter033 years ago

I am in Liberia W/A, the 9 is a credit score if it was 10 it's equivalent to D a passing mark, yes it is outside my high school.

@VeggieDance3 years ago

I think the best course of action would be to repeat those courses and re-take the tests. It may delay your college plans by a year but it will be better for your chances of getting accepted.

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3 years ago

I'm assuming it's the WAEC. An F9 in Math and English, the 2 most important courses is a bad one(not saying it's your fault tho). I suggest you retake the WAEC to have a better chance. I'm not from Liberia, but in my country, you can't get into universities with that grade. As for your question, I doubt you can get into a US university with those scores. Because they rate the WAEC quite highly and they'll expect a minimum of C in Math English, and your preferred course.

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