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Hi! I was wondering what "connecting" to a college on CollegeVine actually does. I understand it demonstrates your interest to your selected colleges, but do admissions officers actually interact with you on here? If so, how would you accomplish that. CollegeVine mentions under their network tab that admissions officers attempt to form relationships with prospective students, so is there any ever real dialogue between you and admissions officers?

Also, is there a way to know if your profile has been viewed by one of the colleges on your list?

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10 months ago

Hey there! As long as you have a network profile, admissions officers on our platform can reach out directly to you. You’ll receive a notification when this happens and will be dropped into a direct message with them. Getting outreaches from admissions officers depends a bit on your grade as well as your unique fit to the school. When you connect with schools yourself, we facilitate the outreach on your behalf if the school is a partner school. Hope this helps!


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