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AP bio or physics?

I have a question about science course options in high school. Our school has sooo many science options, which I a, really happy about as I want to become a vet. But, I don't know if I should take physics in high school or do AP Bio junior year and AP environmental science senior year. I also want to take Marine biology is I can as well. I really hate math and I know I would dread every second of physics, but should I take it any way? I am getting mixed opinions from who I ask. My sci teacher is on the fence about what I should do, my friends think it would be a bad decision not to, and my parents know I wouldn't like it at all and think I shouldn't take it. Would it look bad if I didn't? I do want to apply to elite schools, so if I don't take physics at all, it that okay?

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No, since you want to go to being a vet do the AP Bio, you would enjoy it more, it is more of a rigorous course (colleges look for this) and it will help you become a vet! good luck!

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Not taking physics will probably be fine as long as you replace it with courses of a similar caliber. Especially with your goal of becoming a veterinarian, AP Biology and AP Environment Science could definitely replace AP Physics. Keep in mind that you would probably get better grades in these classes as well, since you're more interested in the material. That would be two high grades in AP courses relevant to the career you're pursuing, rather than one okay grade in an AP course that's only somewhat related to your chosen career path.

So, in the end, it's probably better not to take physics, especially if doing so would stop you from taking AP Bio and Environmental Science. Those classes would help develop your spike, and are more likely to lead to good grades. Those things are more important than whether you took one specific field of science (assuming it's not absolutely necessary, which physics isn't for being a veterinarian) or not.

11 months ago

I definitely think you should go with AP Bio especially since your career choice is to be a vet. Plus you will find that a lot of colleges prefer when you take a course that you not only like but also have passion for. I know AP Physics may seem as though it may have more benefits but it will not matter if you're neither happy nor interested in it. So, I suggest you go with your gut and do what makes you happy.


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