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What kind of research can social science majors high school students do?

Hey there,

I'm a junior and over the summer I'm hoping to land some position or another with a professor but to do that I need to find professors I'm interested in. The problem is I don't really know what type of research a high school student can engage in when it comes to social sciences. I'm not sure what type of social sciences, but in the future I would like to do something where I am directly helping people. I am also interested in cultures and how our differences unite us, so maybe anthropology, sociology, and maybe political science (if you have any other major ideas, let me know those!). Anyways, specifically, since everything is online now I was wondering what kind of research would a high scholar help a professor in for these topics?

The thing is that I want more experience especially since getting experience would help me narrow down my list of possible majors for now. Most resources I found online were about high school students interested in STEM-related fields interning with a professor for research.

So basically what I'm asking is in general social sciences what type of research opportunities does a high school student have with a professor?

If you think as a social science major this isn't really going to be useful, do you have any other recommendations of significant things I can do for experience, especially during covid?

Thank you!


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I had a conversation with a Harvard alumnus who majored in political science, and I was curious to know what type of research he did back at Harvard (I had no idea what research looked like in social sciences). Anyway, he said it was mainly reading and comparing articles written about a certain topic (I think he worked on politics in the Middle East).

So I think you basically need to set your topic (meaning a question that is too complex to answer right away) and then read as much about it as you can to answer the question.

You could actually do this project alone as a self-directed project I think it would show great commitment and initiative!

Hope this helps :)


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