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Qualities that will make me accepted into Drexel university

My GPA is 3.7

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For questions like these, I strongly recommend using Collegevine's chancing calculator. While you may not have completed all your desired extracurriculars/testing requirements, you can use the calculator as a simulation-like resource. For example, most of the extracurriculars and test scores I have listed in my chancing profile are things that I have not done but are planning to. This gives me a general idea of what extracurriculars and test scores I need to get into a specific university. You can do this for Drexel University as well.

To answer your question without using the calculator, here are Drexel University's average statistics: according to the internet

Average GPA: 3.73 - I think your GPA is fine

Average SAT (And ACT): 1290 (1200 is 25th percentile, 1380 is 75th percentile - try to aim between those ranges), (ACT is between 25 for the 25th percentile and 31 for the 75th percentile)

For extracurriculars, simply try to lead passion projects and demonstrate good leadership (for example: starting a charity or being a president of a club)

Drexel University also has a high acceptance rate of 75%, so you have a good chance of being accepted.

If you want the best answer, use the chancing calculator - it is your best resource :)

Good luck!


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