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How can I use CollegeVine to help me estimate my accuracy in getting into 7year programs


I am currently in high school looking at schools and I am not so sure how to use CollegeVine to help analyze my chances into 7-year medicine programs such as BS/MD programs. I have seen and heard that they are usually more difficult than getting into the school itself so I was wondering if there is a better way to analyze my chances of getting into those programs. Is this possible?

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8 months ago

I don't think there is a way to use the CollegeVine chancing engine for 7 year BS/MD programs.

Since they are much more difficult to get into than straight 4 year programs, I would make a list of schools you are interested in applying to for 7 year programs and use the CV chancing engine on those first. Then I would contact each school to find out if they publish their BS/MD acceptance rates and compare them to the 4-year rates that are published by the same school. For example, if Boston U. has a published acceptance rate of 18.9% and its medical school has an acceptance rate of 2.2%, then you say you have a 33-45% on the chancing engine to get accepted into BU, I would make an educated guess and say you have somewhere in 5-10% chance to get into that program which is better than 2.2%.

After researching acceptance rates into BS/MD programs I was surprised how low they are. 1.8% to Brown, 2.7% to Northwesters, 1% at Hofstra, 1% at Drexel, 2% U.of Cinncinnati, I think you have to 1/4 to 1/2 your CV chances something like that. Also, keep in mind that the class size for these programs is only like 5 to 45 per year with an average of 20 so they are not that important to the general audience of CV.

Hope that helps.


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